Lockwood 9024 Series Concealed

The beauty of the new Lockwood 9024 concealed doorcloser is that it stays virtually invisible when the door is closed, keeping your design pure and clean just as you intended. Featuring efficient ‘cam action’ technology, it has an in-built power adjustment mechanism which allows you to reduce opening force whilst maximising closing force, making it perfect for almost every new door design. When it’s all about aesthetics, the new Lockwood 9024 Series concealed doorcloser is the best choice.



• Cam action for low opening moment

• Power adjustable Size 2-4

• Cast iron body

• Fits timber doors from 45mm thickness

• Fits metal profiles with 36 x 45 mm inner chamber

• Max opening angle 120˚

• Two speed valves: One to control Closing speed from 120˚ to 0˚ Second to activate final latch from 15˚ to 0˚

• Cushioned opening

• Overpressure relief valve

• Adjustable Hold Open from 70˚ to 95˚

• Non handed