Lockwood 9800 series

The beauty of Lockwood's range of concealed door closers is that they stay virtually invisible when the door is closed, keeping your design pure and clean as you intended.
Innovative design enables flexibility over a wide range of applications available in two versions for both single and double action door applications.

Designed and manufactured to world class standards ensures the highest possible quality, efficiency and reliable performance.

Feature and Benefits

9800 series Overhead Transom Door Closer (OTC)

  • Double action concealed in door transom
  • Fixed power sizes 2,3 and 4
  • Up to 1200mm width doors
  • Up to 115Kg weight doors
  • Minimum door thickness 38mm
  • Opening angle 130° (in both directions)
  • Independent closing and latching controls
  • Non hold open 
  • 90° hold open
  • 105° hold open


  • Single action interior and external doors
  • Double action pivoted interior and exterior doors
  • Fire doors
  • Timber doors
  • Aluminium framed doors
  • Glass doors

Available in the following Finishes

  • Other finishes available on request
  • 9800 N/A

The Lockwood 9800 series range includes

  • 9853BCN size 3 non hold open
  • 9854BCN size 4 non hold open
  • 9852N size 2 non hold open
  • 9853N size 3 non hold open
  • 9854N size 4 non hold open
  • 9852H90 size2 90 deg hold open
  • 9853H90 size3 90 deg hold open
  • 9854H90 size4 90 deg hold open
  • 9852H105 size2 105 deg hold open
  • 9853H105 size3 105 deg hold open
  • 9854H105 size4 105 deg hold open