Lockwood Surface Mounted Door Closers

Lockwood surface mounted Door Closers are designed and manufactured to exacting world standards that ensure the highest possible quality, efficiency and reliable performance.

Designed and certified to the exacting European Door closer standard EN1154+A1:2002

New multi functional designs offer the specifier, stockist or the installer outstanding versatility and low inventory levels.


The Lockwood Surface Mounted Door closer range is available in 2 designs:

  • Cam Action closers have light opening forces yet are still strong enough to close the door in most situations
  • Rack and Pinion closers, made from high grade alloy steel rack and pinion, deliver a smooth and reliable action for the life of the Door closer
  • Non handed
  • All models packed for both push and pull side applications
    Adjustable power size on most models
  • Standard Delayed action (on some models)
  • Hold open
  • Back check
  • Individual latching and closing speed control valves
  • Slide arm models


  • Hinged interior and exterior doors
  • Opening in or opening out doors
  • Fire doors
  • Timber doors
  • Aluminium framed doors

Available in the following finishes

  • Satin Stainless steel (SSS)
  • Polished Stainless Steel (PSS)
  • Silver (SIL)
  • Bright Gold (GLD)
  • Other finishes available on request

The Surface Mounted Door closer range includes

  • 2516DA size 1-6 Cam Action
  • 2514 size 1-4 Cam Action
  • 7726SR size 1-5 Slide Rail
  • 7726 size 2-6 Standard Arm
  • 7724SR size 1-3 Slide Arm
  • 7724 size 2-4 Standard Arm
  • 7714SR size 1-3 Slide Arm
  • 7714 size 1-4 Standard Arm
  • 3024 size 2-4 Standard Arm
  • 2024 size 2-4 Standard Arm