ABLOY Door Automatic

Automatic door operators bring additional convenience in situations where opening doors manually would be inconvenientor laborious.
Recommended for environments where doors must be opened without contact for hygiene
reasons, or as part of an exit solution for public buildings and fire doors.

Suitable applications for door operators are shopping centers, public buildings, airports, railway and bus stations,

hospitals, service flats, old peoples homes, offices, business premises, hotels, restaurants, industrial buildings, warehouses and homes.


All Model Features

- Built-in safety functions

- Corrosion resistance IP20

- Standard finishes: DA460 and DA461 painted silver

and white. EMSW: anodized aluminium

- Other RAL colours available to special order. The ends

and the EMSW arms are black only

- Operation of a two-leaf door and two sequential pairs

of doors can be configured with additional accessories

- Voltage for lock and external impulse devices 24 VDC