TRIMEC ES6000 Hook Lock

ES6000 Hook Lock

The Trimec ES 6000 surface mounted Hook Lock has been designed with the architect in mind. The ES6000 has a cast aluminium cover that can be supplied in a wide variety of colours to match existing door frames.

The lock is suitable for swinging doors, sliding doors and is easily attached to wood or steel door frames. On a standard 2040mm door frame this low profile lock complies with the minimum headroom requirement as stipulated in the Building Code of Australia.

With its high preload (side load) capability (up to 300kg), high holding force (700kg), and 4 hour fire rating, the ES6000 Hook Lock is ideal for fire door applications and anywhere a high security surface mount solution is required.



  • Power to open or Power to lock versions available

  • Side Load (Pre-Load) Capable Operates freely with up to 300 kgs of side pressure.

  • Self Latching Will self latch without power for fire applications.

  • 700kg holding force

  • Robust Construction Stainless steel components used.

  • Low Profile Will protrude only 40mm into door headroom.

  • Multi Voltage Automatic selection 12 to 30 Volts dc with back EMF protection and reverse polarity protection.

  • Multi Orientation Can be mounted vertically or horizontally

  • Low Current Consumption
    • 12VDC- 250mA after 1 sec. (initial current 830mA)
    • 24VDC- 140mA after 1 sec. (initial current 530mA)

  • Comprehensive monitoring options