TRIMEC ES9000 Pre-Load Electric strike

ES9000 Pre-Load Strike

Bringing the latest in technology to the Australian market, the ES9000 represents the next generation in electric strikes.

It offers new features, such as the ability to open with up to 25kg of “pre-load” pressure on the keeper.

It is also extremely flexible offering field selectable fail safe / fail secure and multi-voltage 12-24 volt as standard features.


  • Operates under Pre load up to 25kg
  • Easy field selectable fail safe / fail secure
  • Multi voltage 12v-24v
  • Full monitoring
  • Continuously Rated Solenoid
  • Latch keeper is significantly quieter in operation
  • Mounting tabs as standard
  • Non handed – field changeable to required configuration
  • Australian designed and made


  • 10 – 30Vdc
  • 250mA @12Vdc – 130mA @24Vdc
  • Solenoid rated for continuous use
  • Polarity and back EMF protected


  • Solenoid Monitor – 1 amp NO/NC microswitch
  • Door / Latch Monitor – 1 amp NO/NC microswitch


  • AS4145 2008. Compliant to the highest levels
    of strength and durability when used with an
    approved lockset.
  •  C-tick & CE compliant
  • 4 hour fire rating, when used with approved door
    (in accordance with AS1905.1-1997, Part 1: Fire resistant Door sets)


  • 680kg (1,500lbs) Static strength rating
    (UL 1034).
  • 200,000cycles endurance rating @ 25kg
    pre-load (based on EN12209, Grade Y)
  • Suitable for 15mm latch with 3mm door gap

Patent Protection

  • Patents pending


 5 year warranty


Operational Temperature Range:
-20 deg C to +60 deg C


The strike is easily configured on site from fail safe to fail secure, by simply loosening the mode screw and placing in the alternate position as indicated below.

Power to Open (Fail Secure)
When power is supplied to the strike, the unit is unlocked. If power fails, the strike is locked and the door is secure

Power to Lock (Fail Safe)
When power is supplied to the strike, the unit is locked. If power fails, the strike is unlocked, and the door is unlocked for exit


Specification Statement

The electric strike should be fully monitored and have independent door / latch and solenoid monitor switches. The product should be constructed using solid stainless steel components and provide a minimum 5 year warranty.

Where Power to Lock and Power to Open functions may be required in the same building, an single electric strike should be interchangeable from either “power to lock” or “power to open” on site.

The electric strike should not consume current greater than 300mA @ 12 volts and have a solenoid rated for continuous use. A maximum projection of 27mm for the strike into any door frame is required. A fire rating not less than 4 hours is required where applicable. The strike must be capable of operating with up to 25kg of pre-load pressure applied to the keeper.




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