YDG313 Glass Door Lim Lock

Access Solution
  • Cards: 4 (Up to 40 cards)
  • Pin code: 4-12 digits

Product Features

  • Rim lock for glass door 
  • Magic Mirror Function : The user can check the rear though the magic mirror, so that security can be enhanced. 
  • Safe Thumb-turn : to im prove security, inside yurn knob can be opened only if a user pushes the two safe button saffised to the Thumb-turn knob simultaneously
  • Clip type bracket : Easy installation by clip type bracket with a very strong double-side tape
  • Modern & thin design 
  • HighTemperature  Alarm & Lock release
  • Fake PIN code

Product Specification 
  • Type : Rim lock
  • Proximity card keys : Up to 40 cards
  • PIN code : 4- 12digits
  • Applicable door range : 9-13mm
  • Finish :  Mirror


  • Front Body  36(D) X 72(W  )X 185(H) mm
  • Back Body 13(0 }X 66(W) X 179(H) mm
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