Short Backset Mortise Lock



Short Backset Mortice locks

The Arrow short backset mortice locks are designed and packaged specifically for the commercial metal and frameless glass door fabricator  markets. 

  • Application 

A range of 23mm backset deadlocks and sliding door locks, suitable for use on aluminium, or frameless glass doors in industrial and commercial buildings, institutions, clubs and similar buildings. 

  • Description 


A single action bolt with steel case and laminated steel bolt. Available in both 22mm bolt throw and 36mm bolt throw variations. The bolt is positively dogged in both the locked and unlocked position before the key can be withdrawn. 

Sliding Door Lock

A similar case and mechanism to the deadlock with a 29mm hook bolt designed to engage in a self-latching strike. 


Each lock is supplied with two escutcheons and is available in double cylinder and single cylinder and turn configurations. Primary locks are also available. 

Frameless Glass Doors

Deadlocks may be used with an appropriate patch fitting on frame less glass doors. A trough strike is available for this application.

  • Security 

Conforms with level 51 (Physical Security) Australian Lock Standard (Standard No. AS4145.2-1993) 

  • Durability 

Conforms with level D3 (Durability) Australian Lock Standard (Standard No. AS 4145.2-1993)

Door Thickness

Minimum door thickness is 30mm (due to the width of the face plate). Maximum door thickness using a standard cylinder and cylinder escutcheons and/or turn is 58mm


All functions are fully reversible. Cylinders and turns are fitted on site to suit door handing

Standard Keying

Supplied individually keyed in "C4" keyway with 2 keys per lock


Satin Chrome (SC)