Lockwood PE Series 01

The Lockwood Panic Exit Devices are

available in a range of functions.

Mechanism design ensures easy

installation, clean styling and ease of

operation. Suitable for single or double



It is important that the width of the

passage of the door is not unduly reduced

by the projection of the operating bar.

This is why the standards set the

projection at 100 mm (EN1125:1997).

The Lockwood Panic Exit Devices are

suitable for single or double doors,

timber, metal, narrow profile and fire



Features & Specifications

Deadlatching on all bolts. Safety clutch

outside lever trim plate protects the unit

from damage that could render the

device inoperable.

Adjustable on site. Automatic top and

bottom latches maintaining the bolt

drawn in when the door is open (vertical


Surface mounted for ease of installation.

Pick resistant bottom latch.


All functions are reversible and nonhanded.