Bauhaus Masters' Houses, Dessau

The VERSO CLIQ electromechanical locking system is providing top security from intruders and ease of access for rescue services at the renowned Bauhaus Dessau art academy in Germany.



In the course of renovating the entire ensemble of buildings in Dessau, the facilities required an uncomplicated solution for the management of doors which was suitable for the special architecture. The different uses of the individual buildings posed a distinct challenge. One building, for instance, is used for evening events, while the Director's House is reserved for employees. However the fire brigade and rescue services must have permanent access to all doors in the eight buildings, without complicated key management. Protection from intruders and vandalism were important considerations.



With the VERSO CLIQ electromechanical locking system, all requirements are fully covered. The system enables customized, central management of access entitlement. The keys and cylinders are also compatible with the special installation situations of the Bauhaus doors.

VERSO CLIQ offers all the capabilities of an electromechanical locking system, yet there is nothing that externally differentiates it from a conventional locking cylinder. It also provides a high security level, because the keys are difficult to copy and the cylinders are robust.