Electric Strike GLASS DOORS 9314 9334

  • Compact,functional design,modern environment-neutral design in aluminium. Surface ofthe counter plate with 6 mm adjustmentfacility. 
  • In all-glass doors, particularly those with additional fan light and glass side panels,the particular benefits of this strike are broughtto bear:Trouble-free mounting as well as a compact andoutstandingly functional design.
  • No complex mounting fixtures required for installation 
-simply glue on (special adhesive is provided with each strike).
The aluminium masonry box is available for two strike types: faillocked and fail unlocked configurations.
  • Modern,environment-neutral design ofthe strike set which consists ofthe strike itself and an identically dimensioned matingcomponent.

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Model No : 9314

  • Fail-locked strike 9314: 
  • The door can be opened as long as a contact exists (momentary contact).ln case of a powerfailure,the door remains locked.
  • It is not possible to open the door in case of a power
  • The strike may not be commissioned until the electrical system is fully functional.

Model No. : 9334

  • Fail-unlocked strike 9334: The door is locked as long as an electrical current is applied tothe strike.If the electrical trigger action is switched off orinterrupted as the result of a power failure, the strike is movableand the door can be opened