TRIMEC ES2000 Series Monitored Electric Strike

The ES200 (non-monitored) and ES2000 (monitored) group of patented Burglar Resistant Strikes are designed for high security applications and manufactured from solid stainless steel.

These strikes have a built in face plate further strengthening the strike to withstand the harshest treatment. They offer a strong dependable and long-lasting electric strike solution and are suitable for use with any access control system using 90 degree swing doors.

These strikes are extremely flexible and can be changed from power-to-lock or power-to-open, mounted on the left or right hand side of the door and come as standard with a continuously rated coil, thus reducing the amount of stock needed to cover each application.


  • POWER TO LOCK/POWER TO OPEN Changeable on site
  • HIGH SECURITY Tamper resistant to all known techniques
  • INSTALLATION TEMPLATE Easy to use stick-on template for faster installations
  • EASIER INSTALLATION Body depth only 27mm
  • EXTRA SECURITY 3 hardened locking pins
  • LOW CURRENT Max 175mA at 12 volts DC
  • CONTINUOUSLY RATED SOLENOID Solenoid can be continuously powered
  • FLEXIBLE CABLE EXIT Interchangeable rear and side
  • OPTIONAL MOUNTING KIT Reduces installation time
  • Monitored ES2000
    • STRIKE MONITORING 3amps changeover contacts
    • DOOR AND LATCH MONITORING 3amps changeover contacts

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Technical Data

  • Electrical Specification 175mA at 12vdc - 88mA at 24vdc (rated for continuous use)
  • Door /Latch Monitor - 3amp changeover microswitch
  • Holding strength - 1362kg (3000lb)
  • Product weight - 487 gms (17.2 oz)
  • Shipping weight - 508 gms (17.9 oz)
  • Shipping size with box - 195 x 48 x 34 (7 3/4" x 1 15/16" x 1 3/8")


  • Approved to Ul1034(highest level)
  • Approved to BS5872
  • Electromagnetic compatibility - EN500181 - 1 Exempt
  •  Compliant