Yale มือจับก้านโยก 9300 series


Application : A range ofcylindricallocbet3 suitable for semi commercial applications such asapartments and offices

Features and Spedftcattons : 9300 Series- One Lever design

Backset : Ul60mm Fixed baclcset for key in lever

Bolts : Stainless Steel latch bolt

Cylinder : Standard 6 pin lockwood cylinder keyed to C4 profi le with three keys

Door Thickness : Suits door thickness 35-45mm

Finishes : Standard finish Satin Stainless Steel

Strike : Standard T Strike

Keying : can be keyed alike, master keyed, grand master keyed, maison keyed orconstruction keyed in ASSA ABlOY security keying  

Handing : Handing is field changeable


  • Entrance Set
  • Passage Set
  • Privacy Set
  • dassroom
  • Storeroom

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